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A Dinosaurs' World (Lesson plan)


Muntean Iuliana-Alina

Trimis la 21.02.2020

Limbi moderne

The lesson A Dinosaurs’ World is the third of unit Cavemen and Dinosaurs. Students have already learned how to classify, describe and identify dinosaurs. They have studied vocabulary related to the dinosaurs’ universe and prehistoric times.

Proiecte didactice


Students are familiar with Present Simple Tense (affirmative, negative and interrogative). Language Learning Centres are an extension of the previous lessons, offering students the possibility to practise their skills and to learn new things on the topic in ‘intelligence-friendly’ areas.

Title: A Dinosaurs’ World
Unit: Cavemen and Dinosaurs
Time: 50 minutes
Type of lesson: Integrated skills lesson

Materials: overhead projector, Internet flashcards, English-Romanian dictionaries, dinosaur atlas, Children’s Encyclopaedia, scissors, paper, glue, cut-outs, journals, worksheets, activity completion checklist

Didactic approaches: Communicative Approach, Holistic and Humanistic Approach, Cooperative Learning, Discovery Learning, differentiated instruction approach

Didactic methods/techniques: Learning Language Learning Centres, peer tutoring, peer correction, compatible intellectual profile grouping, silent reading for gist, problem-solving, gap-filling technique, collage technique, role-play, note-taking.

Alte informații

Class description: Students (ages 10-11) have been studying English for four years, showing various degrees of proficiency level. They are very curious, (especially about dinosaurs) energetic and enthusiastic, but there is a significant mismatch of focus level among them. Sometimes the noise level becomes very high. A few students come from a low socio-economic background and anxiety makes them unreceptive to language input. Two students have special needs; one of them is very reluctant to cooperate and refuses to take notes. The other one has behavioural problems; he often becomes disruptive and annoys his colleagues. Both students have a very low proficiency level and are regularly offered individualised instruction by the learning support teacher and by the school psychologist.

Muntean Iuliana-Alina, profesor de Limbi moderne

Lic.Teoretic Ion Constantin Brătianu/Șc.Gimn. Aron Densusianu, Romania, Hateg, Hunedoara

Trimis la 21.02.2020 - 18:45

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